Training Part 6 – Avoid SPAM with Archive Checking


  • Chase

    Reply Reply August 21, 2014

    Good video. My question is if the website used to be an old PR site like a few of those were…you mentioned they were probably de-indexed. If they were de-indexed, they should show up in good for correct? The other thing I’ve thought on sites I’ve come across that have great metrics but maybe someone tried to make it a PR site…is maybe it was just a newbie who bought a few sites and then quit and those sites expired…

    • Steve

      Reply Reply August 22, 2014

      Hi Chase,

      Always play it on the safe side and don’t purchase a site that’s previously been used as a PR site. When they get de-indexed, you won’t be able to find them by typing the URL into a Google search, or by testing out the

      However, if a site doesn’t show up but it has a clean history, this just means that it’s an aged domain that will re-index when you put content on it.

      Hope this helps.


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