Who We Are

Meet the 2 dudes behind PQD.

We've got years of experience building PBNs and kicking Google's butt with them.



  • Manages large PBNs for a variety of Affiliate Networks
  • Finds domains on a daily basis that nobody knows about
  • SEO for large sporting E-commerce clients


  • Built PBN Networks for Multinational SEO Agencies
  • Handles SEO accounts for Large, Fortune 500 companies
  • Local SEO Consultant for a Multitude of Niches
    (Home Construction, Health, Hotels etc.)

We're dead-set on equipping you guys with powerful PBNs of your own, and giving you the knowledge on how to properly build and use them.  Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing rankings dominated.

Why Did We Start PQD?

Let's be honest, there's a lot of crappy domain brokers out there.  They'll sell you any junk they come across at a crazy price.

We got tired of seeing people get ripped off, and we also got ripped off in our early days.

There's a lack of quality domain brokers in the market. A lot of friends and newcomers to SEO knew that they had to build a PBN, but had no idea how to. They ended up buying spammy, low-grade domains only to wonder why they weren't ranking. PQD is changing this by only offering the cleanest, spam-free sites with high authority backlinks at an affordable cost.

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